The function of the Information and Counseling Center focuses on providing on-going counseling, informing stakeholders and providing information on social entrepreneurship with a view to disseminating the idea of ​​Social and Solidarity Economy to the intervention area.

The services include:

Information on Social Entrepreneurship Issues: The Information and Counseling Center provides information on social entrepreneurship on issues related to legislation, support actions, staff training as well as sources of funding available for each period.

  Indicatively, the update concerns:

 • Issues of Social Economy and Social Innovation,

• Institutional and Regulatory Framework for the Social Economy,

• Obligations of social enterprises,

• Funding sources,

• Procedures for setting up a social economy enterprise,

• Organizational issues for the operation of a social enterprise body,

• Networking.

Legal Advice: Information on the procedures for starting a social economy business.

• Required documents ,

• Guidelines for the Procedure for Registration of Social Economy Enterprises in the Register of Entities ,

• Tips for drafting a statute for a social enterprise.

Social Business Sustainability Counseling: Counseling and information on social entrepreneurship and social business organization issues.

• Providing support and tools for preparing and implementing business plans. 

• Support for measuring social impact through the Social Return on Investment (SROI) method.

How the Services are Provided: The services of the Center are provided to interested parties by phone (+30 2313 319 9), electronically by posting a Request for Information [1] and by e-mail at: and if required by a business meeting at the regional offices. Interested parties can be contacted by phone at +30 2313 319 936.

 [1] Here the visitor can download the form and / or be redirected to the registration form.

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