According to the existing data, Bulgaria already had 501 social enterprises in the intervention area during the submission of the Action Plan for Social Entrepreneurship project. The corresponding businesses in the Greek intervention area of ​​the project only reached 37. However, the qualitative data for both countries are as follows: low level of social innovation / lack of administrative tools for sales development (management and marketing) even in widespread professional skills / insufficient access to financial information and consulting services tools to support their activities / low level of networking and collaboration, even when targeting similar services in the same target group / weak to non-existent networking and synergy across borders, resulting in the absence of exchange of experience in organizing and promoting similar or complementary social services.

According to these data, the need for an organized support for existing and established social enterprises is not fullfilled, in order to:

a) improve their administrative capacity, promote their services / products to a wider public, and

b) enhance professional their members' skills through networking and exchanging experiences with other social enterprises, educational and research centers active in the border area.

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